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Elizabeth D. Velasquez, AGPCNP-BC

Elizabeth Velasquez is a native of El Paso, and completed her undergraduate at the University of Texas at El Paso with a BSN in Nursing. She has had over 16 years of nursing experience to include ICU, Level 1 Trauma and Organ Recovery, OR, PACU, Endoscopy, Home Health Care, and Breast and Thyroid Biopsy under Radiology. She also has experience working with the active duty and veteran population at the Department of Veteran Affairs.
Elizabeth then received her MSN in Adult Geriatric Primary Care from the University of Texas at Arlington, with focus on the care and treatment of adolescents, adults, and the elderly. In addition to providing patient education on prevention, management of chronic illnesses, and offering guidance to patients and their caregivers, she takes a detailed history and listens to patient’s concerns.
Her experience includes evaluations for vagal nerve stimulation (VNS), deep brain stimulation (DBS) and assists with management of patients admitted to the in-clinic Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) for 24 hr video EEG monitoring. Elizabeth is trained to diagnose and treat obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, chronic migraine, CVA, epilepsy, neuropathies, movement disorders such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, dementia, and other chronic neurologic disorders.
Elizabeth performs the following procedures: lumbar punctures, Botox for chronic migraine, trigger point injections, occipital nerve blocks, IV infusions.

She is bilingual, with the ability to effectively communicate in both English and Spanish.