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ANESC Research was founded by Drs. Aamr Herekar in the quest to discover promising new treatments for a variety of diseases through the implementation of ethically-approved and scientifically-sound clinical studies.

Our board-certified, physicians supervise every aspect of the clinical trial, from study selection, matching appropriate volunteers, and caring for them throughout the study. We pride ourselves on adhering to the highest industry standards for Good Clinical Practice and research ethics.

Our main facility is an 8,000 square foot dedicated space, designed with our physicians, study volunteers, and monitors in mind. We have our administrative and clinical areas separated, allowing for both a high degree of privacy and confidentiality.

We are the only accredited epilepsy center in West Texas. We have capability for all aspect of neurology and internal medicine research. We have capability for Phase 1 to 4 clinical trials.

Facility Highlights:

  • 8,000 sq ft research site with 3 satellite clinics
  • Comprehensive research center with Phase I-IV capability
  • NAEC Certified Epilepsy Center in 250 miles radius
  • 10 exam rooms
  • 8 bed sleep center
  • 2 dedicated infusions suites
  • 2 transcranial magnetics stimulation (TMS) devices
  • Secure Investigational Product Pharmacy
  • Sprivato REMS-Certified Center
  • CLIA Lab and Phlebotomy Staff available 24 hrs.
  • Direct access to Texas GastroDiagnostics, a cytology and histology lab, staffed by certified cyto and histotechnologists.

We are located at 14476 Horizon Boulevard, Horizon city, Texas 79928